"Our proven teaching method will help you shoot lower scores
Welcome to the PNW Golf Club
PNW Golf Club and NCGA have partnered to bring a great golf experience
  • Swing Analysis
  • Golf Instruction
  • Club Fitting
  • Putter Fitting
  • Tournaments
Why buy a putter off the
rack when you can get
professionally fit with your
own custom built putter
We fit for lie angle, proper
loft, proper length and grip
size. All to make you roll it
Our goal is to make you a better player
Ladies Golf every
Monday evening at 5:30

Swinomish Golf Links
Putting Lessons-Lower scores
Improve your putting
How can you practice your
putting without knowing what
and how to do it.

We use state of the art teaching
tools to help you take better aim
and to teach you how to properly
stroke your putts
Golf Club