PNW Golf introduces the Flightscope
Launch Monitor into their golf
instructional  program
"Our proven teaching method will help you shoot lower scores
Welcome to the NCGA and PNW Golf
Do you know the definition of golf insanity?
It's making the same simple swing
mistakes over and over and expecting
different results.

Do you want to:
1) Gain more distance.  
2) Improve accuracy
3) Improve consistency
4) Shoot lower scores

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Malia Schroeder won the
Regional Drive-Chip and
Putt championship at the
Olympic Club in San
Francisco and will be
headed to the 2017
Championship at the
There is a reason FlightScope is my
launch monitor of choice. I’ve
researched everything that’s out there,
and the features and accuracy that the
X2 gives me is the very best in Launch
Monitor technology.      

Michael Breed  2012 PGA National
Teacher of the Year. Host of "The Golf
Micheal Breed
Golf Channel
Get ready to shoot lower scores

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PNW Golf is the number #1 place
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We can help you or call
to one of our favorite Junior Golfers

See her compete in the
National Drive, Chip
and Putt competition at
the 2017 Masters